Sunday, June 10, 2012

Well I just came back and holy smokes this place does have some cob webs and a lot of dust. So with that I think it is time to blow all that dust and cob web away and bring this place back to life.

It has almost been two years since my last post here and I must say that this place has been very dead. So with that I re-welcome you guys to this place and hope you do enjoy your stay.

My brother is about six months away from returning home from the Mormon Mission and I am unable to wait for his return.

As for job related stuff I still have not been able to find work and I am seriously thinking that I should start up my own business from scratch and it is going to be hard going as I don't have any money not even a dime to get me started so with that I am hoping that a place that is called Max Bounty will change all that for me.

What is it that I am wanting to do in my business venture?

Here is the list.
* Build Custom computers and computer repair and upgrades.
* Sell, buy, trade Firearms and ammunition and accessories.
* Sell, buy, trade Lego's from full Lego sets to the bricks.

Well that's all for now and please do keep your chins up and keep on trucking and also please do support cancer research where ever, when ever you can. I have a friend who is stricken with that ghastly disease.